Jul 22, 2014

Back to black

Yes, yes, we all almost back again to the basic when don't know what to wear. And black always be the good option to opt. By wearing black top to toe, even the item are casual, the look is so dazzling. Even you come with edgy to girly look.

Here an inspiration about combine two items; black asymmetrical dress and loafers. It's just simple combination to get the fascinating look at least. This look is suitable for a dinner or a birthday party too.



Jul 13, 2014

Girls who had lunch

When I reach one of my lowest points, they are some of the people who I remember. And who also become my inspiration and new spirit to continue struggling for it. These photos taken at La Rucola Ristoante, a famous Italian restaurant in Surabaya when six of us had our lunch there.

Left to right :
Yovani Turner, my self, Melinda Tanadi, Julian Vica, Melina Rosita, and Shierly Natalia.



Yuk masuk Teknik Perkapalan ITS!

Tentunya sebagian besar pembaca dari blog saya sudah mengetahui bahwa saya adalah seorang mahasiswa di salah satu perguruan tinggi teknik di Indonesia, yaitu Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember yang singkatnya disebut ITS. Kampus ITS bisa dikatakan salah satu kampus terluas di negeri ini, masing-masing jurusan umumnya memiliki gedung tersendiri. Beberapa diantaranya bahkan dilengkapi dengan fasilitas olahraga pribadi seperti lapangan basket dan lapangan bola. Tak hanya itu, di dalam kampus ini terdapat pula stadion yang bisa menampung puluhan ribu jiwa dengan lapangan basket dan gedung futsal indoor terpisah.

Ada berbagai pilihan jurusan yang ditawarkan salah satunya adalah Teknik Perkapalan (Naval Architecture). Ini merupakan bidang yang sedang saya tekuni pada jenjang Strata-1 (S1) saat ini. Mudah-mudahan saja saya dapat segera menyelsaikan studi ini dan melanjutkan ke tingkat yang lebih tinggi atau mungkin meniti karir di dunia kerja.

Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan terdiri oleh dua program studi yaitu rekayasa (design) dan produksi (ship building). Sehingga mahasiswa dapat memilih untuk fokus di bidang yang lebih minatinya. Dosen-dosen yang mengajar pun sudah memiliki pengalaman banyak di dunia perkapalan, bahkan diantaranya sudah memiliki nama besar di kancah maritim Indonesia.

Mengapa memilih Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan?
Well, ini merupakan pertanyaan yang sungguh sering saya dapat from friends or even my friend's friend. Sebetulnya saya sendiri bukanlah terlahir dari keluarga yang menggeluti dunia maritim. But then I guest this is what God has already planned for me. Ada banyak yang saya peroleh setelah masuk jurusan ini, I feel that I'm literally become someone better than past, and I met so many kind of people from many social statuses. And course, something new to study, the naval architecture. Basically I love design much, like when I was little, I drew house's layout in my free time, but then nowadays there's not only layout that I design, there also construction, welding and so on which I study here.So this like a new experience of life. 

Apa saja yang dipelajari?
Basically, jurusan ini fokus pada desain dari kapal, dimana meliputi segala aspek yang diperlukan agar sebuah kapal dapat dibangun. Memang tak bisa dipungkiri bahwa kapal adalah suatu objek which totally complicated. Aspek-aspek tersebut antara lain seperti mekanika teknik, teori dasar bangunan kapal, proses produksi dan reparasi kapal, regulasi-regulasi, konstruksi hingga welding atau pengelasan. Ya, pengelasan merupakan pengalaman yang menakjubkan dalam beberapa tahun terakhir di hidup saya. Tak pernah terbayangkan sebelumnya bagi saya untuk mencoba sendiri mengelas sebuah rak buku pada suatu pratikum mata kuliah di semester 5 lalu. Mungkin beberapa ada yang bingung mengenai perbedaan antara Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan dan Teknik Sistem Perkapalan, well from what I shared with some friends from that marine engineering department, perbedaannya adalah jika Teknik Perkapalan fokus untuk memelajari mengenai sistem konstruksi kapal sementara Sistem Perkapalan pada piping system-nya. Untuk lebih detail mungkin bisa dilihat pada website masing-masing jurusan.

Bagaimana dengan biaya pendidikannya?
Menurut saya, biaya yang diperlukan untuk memenpuh pendidikan di ITS untuk berbagai fasilitas yang diperoleh dapat dikatakan relatif murah dibandingkan perguruan tinggi negeri lainnya. Karena sudah menjadi rahasia umum bahwa pendidikan di Indonesia umumnya membutuhkan dana yang tidak sedikit. Sometimes I feel this is so crazy, why the potential students cannot continue their study because they don't have enough money. And some others whose pay much money can study at a university even though they didn't pass the entrancement test. Sebagai bukti nyata, beberapa teman saya bahkan tidak perlu membayar uang SPP dan justru mendapat uang jajan melalui progam beasiswa Bidik Misi yang ditawarkan pemerintah. So this institute really suitable for whoever need the better education no matter they rich or not.

Info lebih lanjut mengenai seleksi masuk ITS dapat dilihat di smits.ac.id atau dapat menghubungi saya melalui email ke clurlie@gmail.com. Tentunya pertanyaan yang saya layani adalah seputar pengalaman studi di Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan, bukan mengenai seleksi masuk karena saya bukanlah staff administrasi sehingga saya pun tidak tahu bagaimana sistemnya.

Andddddd this one is so va va voooommmmm!!!!! 
I'm on Naval Architecture department ITS ad campaign for this new academic year!!!
So what are you waiting for, apply yourself to study here and get featured on the next ad campaign!!!!



Jul 7, 2014

Summertime Sadness

Apologize for lack updating my blog with outfit post, here a quick shoot when I went out for dinner. Forgive about the bad resolution. Well, now I'm busy with my internship at a shipyard. I felt like my skin get tanning by days and dark circle just get worse.

There should be so many sale of Spring collection almost on every store, yes because Summer just coming so closely. Who don't love Summer, the atmosphere, the sun, and beach absolutely. But this time, I spend Summer on a shipyard, really feel the heat every day on shore!

So here I paired two different patterns into a look, stripes and palm beach. In my opinion, summer means a time to spread out the fun. And look in casual-classy style actually. I didn't put any eye make up and chose beige coral lipstick. Welcome Summer!

Sneaker-wedges  -  GOSH
Skirt - ZARA
Bag - ZARA

Jul 6, 2014

A person.

Well, it might be a morning note while I enjoy a cup of Earl Grey tea, yes it always be my favorite. And I'm helping my friend to do some translate even there still internship reports which should I made. Yes, this time ahead till my graduation will the busiest time in my undergraduate study. Perhaps there will be less ootd inspiration and also any fashion to culinary reviews on this blog. I sleep around midnight and when the sun rising I suddenly awake and can't fall any longer. It's just so weird, because in usual I will wake up late if I sleep around midnight.

So I've been thinking, and even still thinking yet about a person who I met years behind. A person with sacred heart. And show me how to live the life in holy way. How to treat people not by their behaviours, but look them as God's beautiful creatures. I'm so grateful to know that person, who literally influences my self to struggle for the dream that I dream every single day recently.



Jul 5, 2014

Envycloth x Enddustries : SUMMER FAIL

SUMMER FAIL is the latest collection by the collaboration of Envy Cloth and Enddustries, both are streetwear clothing ready to wear brands. From this collection, there are so many plaid shirt with different patterns. The shirt sizing for unisex which start from Medium to Xtra-Large. The collection itself are now on store.

I literally recommend they are, because even they from the local brands but have the international quality, the fabric and stitching. Comfortable to wear daily and perfect for attending the formal or informal events, by only matching with trousers or short. And perhaps by pairing it with pencil skirt to get the chicest look.

Photographer : Artha Milyardhi
Talent           : Clara Yunita and Irfanny Hanif

Jun 21, 2014

Rafting with Songadventure

Exam weeks have already over, and my college mates decided to have a short vacation before we all start our internship. This maybe a very brilliant idea to take out rafting as the final choice to spend the rest of our free time. We can let our stress out, enjoy the scenery, a refreshing day! Well actually I never do a 'real' rafting before, and it was my first time.

We chose this rafting service named SONGADVENTURE which reccomended by a college mate. Weeks before we booked for eighteen people, so they have prepared everything when we arrive. On last thursday, around 7am we departed from Surabaya, had our breakfast at a streetside traditional food in Sidoarjo, then continued our trip to Probolinggo.

They welcomed us with welcome drink which very 'village favorite', wedang jahe at their base camp. We got short preparation before we moved to start point. They provided pick-up cars to drove us there, but we still need to walk around 1-2 km to reach the riverside. The river itself named Sungai Pekalen. And it all began here!

Riznanda, Vinesia, me, and Hakara who is the youngest and so Chaning Tatum look alike.
These guys were my team on board, minus Aldi Kim. 

Look at our flip flop, they are SKYWAY, favorite local brand for 'sendal jepit'.
Chaning Tatum (look alike) was wearing flip flop brand Skyway! What a funny headline...

It was totally amazing! The scenery was spectacular, we crossed several bat crave, and waterfalls.
We really felt the feeling when the falls drop the water into our body. And screaming when we hit the rocks.

All rafting squad took a pose in front of the waterfalls.

The very unforgettable moment is when my boat was not stable so it just reversed. Our guide was tried his best to make it stable, and the MAN OVER BOARD just happen. I got hard impact on my face, and it still bruise now. The SAR team helped us to get back to boat and we could continue our adventure.

My team on board, Hakara, Vinessia, Aldi Kim, and Riznanda with guide Mr. Edi (center).
He said that we are a compact team because the 'man over board' happened to all of us and we prevented 'Kim over board'.

It was spectacular, and SEE YOU ON OUR NEXT ADVENTURE!!!