May 15, 2015


It was a brunch that I had days ago at ARTOTEL Surabaya's restaurant named ROCA. This hotel offers the uniqueness of art. Some of Indonesia's young artist were collaborated to bring their amazing creation to welcome the guests. One space that I loved is this spiral staircase. The graffiti and the window aside make it looks more fascinating. According to my friend who stay in Jakarta, she already visited Artotel Jakarta, and I'm curious about their rooftop bar. Perhaps I should plan to visit that kind of high floor place.

basic t-shirt STRADIVARIUS |  jilly pants by ROOM 25 | dream catcher necklace thrifted | sunnies by CALVIN KLEIN  flirting slippers by CHIARA FERRAGNI COLLECTION

Still, and yet, black and white is the combination that ruin my mind to bring them both into my daily wear outfit. I chose to combine a white basic tee with 7/8 black pants, then put a dreamcatcher necklace to get a casual effect. And that new slippers looks perfect match for a kind of simple look.

Hey it's me and my favorite doraemon Montchi !



May 12, 2015

Inside THEIR frames.

It was amazing to work with some of best photographers who also great igers based in Surabaya. Well, I have to say that I love everything from the concept until the result. They are such a humble people and also funny! Even I was not wearing a kind of heavy make up, even only eye make up, the result is breathtaking. Well, I'm really a person that don't love to put much make up. I just feel that it hurt my skin. So here I pick the favorites of mine.

The photos by Naufal Huda
I think he is good at making strong effect of colors. The photos look more alive than the actual.

The photos by Ida Ayu Farina,
well actually I've worked with this lady while ago. She always be the kindhearted and cheerful person. Inside her frames, I looked more feminine.

valara dress by The Little Closet

The photos by Bastian Najich,
he is one of wedding also adventure photographer in Surabaya. I love the way he bring the vintage effect to the photos.



May 4, 2015


I see the sun. The light is just too bright. I look closer then find something behind the light.
The emptiness of happiness. Far from the expectation, that the light is always be the magic of the darkness.
That space is covered by the joy which reflected by the saint eyes and beautiful smile on an ordinary face of human. There shall be a huge boundary of feelings, but the greater human personality the more it covered.
And that light is the best one that I feel to the bones and flow in my blood.
That light is the guidance of my life about facing the future and fight the fear.
That light is an inspiration of loving. Loving the people who dying of hopes.



Apr 26, 2015

No. Three O Six (Barata Jaya)

On April 25th 2015, a newly opened coffee shop in Surabaya named Three O Six (well, actually it is their second place) was something special and different from daily. Since that me and Vinesia, a college mate, need some coffee shop time (besides Starbucks, it just too often), we decided to visit this famous coffee shop.

Assume that this kind of tops become recent trends, and I decided to buy one for my self in black. Yes like what I've already told, that I'm in love with black and need more black clothes.

Best culinary neither traveling partner, Vinesia.

So THIS is it. The things that special, the fancy eclairs from Macs Eclair, the famous online based eclair specialist because it taste and shape actually. For this day only, their team just came to this coffee shop and sold their eclair in piece. And the another special thing is they brewed the flora technica coffee beans from Common Grounds Jakarta. And I chose to make it in Cappuccino (right side). And we ordered the Potato platter because we do love fries. At least, they still have another meal to order, but we were full enough. And since it was around 4 pm, means that it was snack time hehe.

Daring lipstick color and I felt more powerful and confident. I'm not a person who love to put some eye make up on, but I love to play with dark color lipstick.

I am still thinking to decide what kind of hair styles shall I choose for my next style. But there are so many important things to think rather than thinking about styling my self again this time. It's completely a hard time for me, like struggling for something that I scared. But someone told me that God will always besides us, and never surrender with life, then don't stop praying even there is nothing change. We just need to believe in faith.
Pray no matter what happen.



Apr 15, 2015

Backstage : IDE Art 2015

The biennially two days art event held by Design Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS) named IDE Art were just happened last weekend. There were so many art exhibition, music performance, culinary stands, and so on. At the first day, there are fashion parade from many famous clothing brand and designers in Surabaya. They asked me to wear a couple of clothes which from Kucing Jalan, a fashion design community, and from Ritter and Skeete

This futuristic two pieces dress is from Kucing Jalan. I'm so in love with the cutting.

For Ritter and Skeete with Thea, Ghina and Devi.

After show with black and white style with Redy and Mutia who were did the incredible fashion mapping.

 So happy that my great friends were joined the show too. Yes they became the models that night. But unfortunately they changed too fast so we couldn't take pictures in their show clothes.Sort of handsome boys!
From left to right : Fyan, Orlando, Thea, me, Alif and Channing!

Naval architecture model posing with the crews from Design ITS. It's literally an amazing memory to remember in this last year of college.



Apr 13, 2015

My own cheeseburger at McDonalds!

Assuming that mostly people around the world love burger and knew about this American Restaurant. They served the food so fast to stop your hungry in minutes. In Indonesia, they has already opened many stores nationwide. And one is located near my house in Surabaya. 

One afternoon in the early of April 2015, my friend who famously called Abah finally back from his internship at Bureau Veritas (Batam office). And we decided to meet up and enjoy this kind of meal. Months behind, we made our own McFlurry as seen here :

So this time, we share about our experience made our own cheeseburger at McDonalds. And he was filmed it while I'm the actress. 

Thank you McDonalds Surabaya (Mulyosari branch) who gives us the chance for this great experience!



Mar 24, 2015

BLACK as the coffee.

It is completely a busy period to me, the last year in college. There are many projects that take a lot of my time. No weekly shopping, no photoshoot for brands and even just for outfit inspiration on this blog. But I believe that this sacrifice will worth later. I spend times in coffee shop while doing my project with friends. And Starbucks is always my favorite.  And as I keep updating my instagram, @clarayunita, regularly, here I pick photos about an inspiration outfit and something new for my self from Starbucks.

GAP jacket / Pull&Bear sleeveless crop top/ ZARA leather pants

I love black, black, and black, and yes it is black. And even recently I put more attention looking for black items. If it is not black, let me say good bye even I had a crush on it. It was at Starbucks near my residence, which is the largest in Surabaya. I was having a cough, body got freezing, even my voice disappeared. It was really frustrated me, I need to present my projects but I lost my voice. But thanks God, after had bed rest for a couple of days, I could handle it.  

Not always comes to work on projects using notebook, I did handcraft thing there. I love to play with colors, using my crayons. And I have to say that COFFEE GIVES ME CREATIVITY. By the way Starbucks has already launched their special edition card, and I bought one. Another card in my collection.

And their spring edition tumblr is one that hard to forget. So why not bring one home? :)