Sep 14, 2014

The brunch with something red.

The coffee shop is my favorite place to spend hours there, and one of them is this place. The interior just makes me comfortable sitting and sip coffee or green tea latte. Back to several days behind at Historica Coffee & Pastry , I had my brunch with a friend. We came around 11 am, and there was no crowded. Perhaps it was because we came on weekdays. Read another review about this place here.

Having a window-side table is my favorite, always.

Latte art on their red velvet latte. Well actually when I asked them to make some other cute shapes on it, they only could made the general shape such as love. I only found two coffee shop in Surabaya which capable to make animal face on a cup of latte. And so in love with the Calvin Klein sunglasses from the amazing Indonesian singer, Andien Aisyah. This classic sunglasses literally melt my heart.

We shared a meal which was Beef Parmigiana, served with salad and wadges. Actually, I eat a half of portion, so I really need some one to finish my meal.

Lightweight knitwear - ZARA
Shopper bag - ZARA

Aug 30, 2014

A couple of eyes.

I was waiting the sun to set, sitting on one of thousand chairs in front of a huge stage with so many light on it sides. The sky was getting red and slowly disappearing. Then I turned my head up, stared the stars sparkling and a beautiful curve stayed near them. Under the moonlight, the evening breeze, people singing, a glimpse of someone's eyes glanced at me. I noticed that. The eyes were straight to my eyes in the middle of crowded, thousands people were there. Seemed that it means words to spoke up. My heart noticed something, touched by that beautiful gaze. The words could be "Do not stop praying, God hear every tear of you. And  never tired to reach your dream". I turned my eyes back to that point and it vanished.



Aug 22, 2014

Internship at PT. Dok dan Perkapalan Surabaya

Well, in this new academic year holiday I take internship programs which are required for my undergraduate study. Two months holiday for two different companies, a shipyard then a classification society. I chose a shipyard in Surabaya which is PT. Dok dan Perkapalan Surabaya (PERSERO). Team up with three others, and we spent a month there. We visited several department which is relate to our study such as Engineering Department, Hull Department, etc. The staff from each department were really kind to share their experience in shipbuilding. By this internship, I got a lot new knowledge and compared what I've already learnt in class with the reality in the shipyard. 

Actually I was literally tired almost every day that time. Waking up when the sun hasn't rise yet, and sleeping around midnight after completing my daily handwritten report. But I'm happy for that. I can fulfill my holiday with something precious rather than spend the day go on the razzle. Even sometimes I miss the moments there.

NEW CONSTRUCTION : TONASA LINE XVIII, a self propelled barge cement carrier. She was mooring for getting some final check before her delivery time.

Enjoy the heat on board with my Marine Engineering student friends, Lulu and Arian! They both was just so funny!

This morning view always makes me miss to turn back time. It was a view from one of their floating docks. 

One fine morning on the tug boat.

An retro wheel like in old movies when the sailor navigate his ship.


View from the top of floating dock, it height around 9 meters.

The process of propulsion reparation.

The access which connect the ship and the floating dock.

An alley inside MV. Merah Putih near her engine room.

Spectacular view from MT. Kamojang, an oil tanker of PT. Pertamina when she was docking.

View from her navigation brigde.

Her davit-operated lifeboat, and there were another ship next to it.

My favorite spot, yes I'm totally in love with this bright-blue container. The containers has already converted into comfortable office. But apologize to only post it outside.

So that's from my internship in a shipyard which has already finished in the end of July. And now I'm taking my internship in a classification society, perhaps will make a post about it soon.



Aug 16, 2014

Cup and Crumbs Surabaya

One fine afternoon, there were three girls opened a door which made by glass. They entered a room with vintage atmosphere. At a corner, there were people queuing and also glancing to the black board with menu written on. And no one of them chose other food than the beef burger. The cafe named Cup and Crumbs Downtown Cafe

There is a friend next to you and wait for something you share with.

Burger galore! Their beef burger is priced IDR 36k before tax. And it's quite recommended.

The college-mates, Vinesia, Intan, and me.

I was wearing a rainbow loom bracelets which a gift from my friend's 6th grade sister.

Well, finally can share a little good news for the Surabaya-ers, a recent opened cafe in Eastern Surabaya with cozy atmosphere actually. I'm totally busy because this August I have my second internship, so really don't have any free time as usual to travelling and have a culinary adventure. Perhaps I should post about my first internship adventure at a shipyard, just wait for that.



Aug 10, 2014

The John Lennon Effect

And I just back from my short holiday in Lombok. My brother really such a sweetheart, he dolled me up with his items and took these photos. I don't know but I still in love with John Lennon printed on his t-shirt. Well actually, this is so different from usual, I was dressing up so boyish. The only one item on my self was the flannel pants from UNIQLO. The rest were just him including the shoes, yes it was so big on me.

Perhaps you will notice that still something different beside the style is my hair. I cutted out my hair shorter. At the first time I thought it gonna be worse, but it wasn't. It looks suitable on me, I feel fresh and pretty maybe.

styling and photograph by Michael Anggajaya.



Jul 31, 2014

Lovely things from HANARUPARK

bracelets (left to right) : Charmaine, Anaz, Danica, Darlene 

Months behind, when I arrived home I found a package in front of my door. It was wrapped by brown envelope and the letters showed it was from Hanarupark. They are jewerly designer which the collection are using sayo beads from Korea. I was so excited, completely couldn't wait any longer to open that package. A little pink box with flowers pattern made a love-shape on the top of the box was contained many lovely bracelets. They are really cute, aren't they? And it was just not enough to surprise me, the bag charm also totally cute.
So even it's so late posting about this cute little things, but it's better than never.

These Danica and Darlene could made my day, wearing both to university oftentimes.

They said this bracelet named according to the famous blogger Anastasia Siantar from  It's just simple black beads with Eiffel charm and rose. The photo taken when I was on my way to do a photo session. The bracelet really suitable for any occasions, formal attire or casual one.

Combine Charlene dan Darlene with formal attire at a graduation moment in my university.

And this lovely bag charm just match perfectly with my ZARA shopper bag when I went for a dinner.

The Hanarupark team update their collection so often, because each collection just limited.
So go check their website and grab what suits you!



Jul 29, 2014

Sunbathing at Kila Senggigi Beach Resort

A well-known beach resort in Senggigi Beach named Kila Senggigi Beach Resort, was a place for me and my family to enjoy our beach time. There were so many international tourists compare to local ones. The weather was very good, warm and also cool. The blue sea, white sand, and everything was just shining. I love to have short time for sunbathing, get the glowing skin, and enjoy the heat course. When I was in junior high school, I did sunbathing for hours, and then my skin was burned. It was totally glowing as what I wished for, but it was also painful. Since that time, I'm not spending hours under the sun again.

Eyewear from ALDO.

Having a late lunch on the beach, doesn't complete without Italian Pizza. Yes, my family do love pizza especially my mom, she's like an pizza addict. Their beachfront restaurant named Basilico Italian Pavilion & Bar. They served many kinds of Italian food, wine and others International food. Apologize to not capturing the indoor view, because I do love playing outdoor more actually.

Carbonara pizza and Tropicana pizza.

ZARA city bag // STRADIVARIUS tee and short // thrift flip-flop

As everybody knew that summer is really coming just now, I decide to cut short my hair. I never dare to do this one before, but it's work. I feel fresh and there's no dry hair anymore.

P.S Happy Eid Mubarak 1435H for who celebrate it.